Installing DCC Decoders

DCC decoders add a great deal to the capabilities of a loco, or other vehicle or trackside feature.
Some locos can accomodate a "drop in" decoder designed to fit that model, while others need the decoder to be "hard wired" in. I have had extensive experience in installing DCC in many different kinds of locos, from easy to next-to-impossible!

Regrettably I am no longer able to offer DCC decoder installations myself, having previously done many in a wide range of locomotives and other rail vehicles, specializing in N-scale.
However please do contact me to discuss or for advice to help your installations.


Some of these decoder installations are interesting or different,
and so on the Examples page I have shown how some installations were done,
and some of the features available; feel free to use these examples to help your installations.
The pictures here are examples of very small N Scale models, each of which has a DCC decoder installed.
I shall continue to post notes and pictures about more installation examples.

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