Examples of Installing DCC Decoders

Installation of the decoders into many locomotives is now a straightforward process, with more "drop in" decoder models available from several vendors.
We used to offer DCC decoder installations in a wide range of locomotives and other rail vehicles, specializing in N-scale.

Some of these decoder installations are interesting or different, and so I have recorded what I did and how I did it, (primarily for my own use to help my memory!); feel free to use these examples to help your installations.
Some examples (all N):
  • Kato Amtrak P42: DN163K0a "drop-in", with added ditch lights
  • LifeLike FA1: DZ123
  • LifeLike FB1: DZ123
  • LifeLike F40PH: DZ143
  • Kato RDC: DN122K2 purpose-built
  • Tomix "Thomas the Tank Engine": DZ123
  • Tomix "James": DZ123
  • Tomix "Henry": DZ123
  • Farish A3 converted to "Gordon": LokSound micro
  • Farish A4 with speaker in the firebox: LokSound micro
  • Bachmann Plymouth switcher: DZ123
  • Brass GS4 "SP 4449": LokSound micro

FA1 and FB1
Plymouth Switcher
P42 Ditch Lights

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