Installing Ditch Lights in the Kato P42 with a Digitrax DN163K0a Decoder

This is just a simple extension to the standard decoder installation, done exactly in accordance with the suggestion in the Digitrax DN163K0a decoder instructions.
P42 Ditch Lights

As the picture shows, the lights used are incandescents, 1.5v 15mA 1.2mm size from Miniatronics. They are connected to the (very small) F1/F1+ and F4/F4+ pads on the left and right front of the decoder board.
I used black double-sided mounting tape under the bulbs, and a piece in the cab area under the headlights to minimize stray light.
Initially I tried bright white LEDs, but they do not go off enough when the decoder switches the ditch lights, and so I followed the recommendation and bought incandescents, and the result is very effective.


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