DCC Control and Programming

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Controlling model railroad operation increasingly uses DCC, and the SPROG DCC device is the ideal solution for programming and maintaining your fleet of DCC-equipped locomotives, in any scale from Z to G!
With the industry's most comprehensive support for decoders from all the leading manufacturers, SPROG II and our new SPROG3 provide a one-stop source for setting up and running any DCC locomotives.

  • SPROG II has sufficient power to program sound decoders, even in large scales, so no power booster is necessary.
  • SPROG II works with all those "difficult" decoders that don't seem to read back on other systems.
  • SPROG II also includes the ability to run your layout, with on-screen computer control, and full DCC operation.

Follow the SPROG DCC link for full details, and to order your DCC programming solution. DCC Programming and Control starting under $100!

DCC Decoder Installation

Installation of the decoders into many locomotives is now a straightforward process, with more "drop in" decoder models available from several vendors. For those more unusual installations, or just to take the task on for you, we offer decoder installation as a service.
Follow the link to find out more, or just to see some step-by-step examples as well.

N Scale

Model railroads come in many sizes, and at the BBM Group we specialize in N Scale, with a track gauge of Nine millimetres.

The second most popular size in model rail today, "N" trains run on track with a gauge of 9mm, available from many vendors in ready-to-run and customizable form.
However, strangely enough, around the world there are three different sizes or scales in use for "N" gauge! In the USA and related markets, and in most of Europe, the scale is 1 to 160, while in Japan they adopted 1 to 152, and in the UK it is 1 to 148.

About Us

We are the BBM Group LLC, a family business specializing in solutions for model railroaders.

Model railroads come in many sizes, and we specialize in N Scale, with a track gauge of Nine millimetres.

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